linen aloe treatment


Since ancient times, linen, or Linum Usitatissimum, has been viewed as a symbol of divine purity, with beneficial properties.

Nowadays linen is the only natural textile produced in Europe, thanks to the ideal conditions found in northern France, Belgium

and the Netherlands, where cold winds from the North come down across the English Channel to meet

the warmer temperatures of continental Europe, giving rise to abundant rainfall.


The delicate flower of the flax plant blooms for just one day, covering the fields with a veil of pale blue,

while the textile fiber comes from the robust stalks of the plant.

The stalks are left to soak to remove the woody component, then dried and processed,

using techniques that have been perfected over the centuries,

but are still governed by natural forces, and carried out with enduing respect for the environment.

Durable, breathable and supremely comfortable to wear,

due to being hypoallergenic and capable of absorbing moisture,

linen is an unmistakable fabric, with its distinctive slubbed texture, and lustrous, silky look.


For our supplier linen is a constant source of inspiration, sparking an ongoing process of research and innovation.

One of the latest development is the Linen Breeze family of fabrics,

which combines the cool touch and distinctive texture of linen with the beneficial of aloe vera.

The aloe vera is introduced at the finishing stage,

when it is absorbed and retained by the woven linen yarn.

The properties of the aloe infused cloth remain dormant until it comes into contact with the skin

and gradually releases its active ingredients.


The result is a new kind of linen with an unexpectedly soft, inviting texture that is also less prone to creasing.

The aloe vera accentuates the fabric’s cool, comfortable feel,

conveying a sensation of wellbeing that is enhanced by its delicate fragrance.

The long, fleshy leaves, light to grey green in colour with serrated edges, grow in a dense clump.

In summer the plant produces clusters of reddy orange flowers on tall spikes.

The genuine health-giving elixir it is known for comes from the fleshy leaves.

Packed with vitamins and minerals, aloe vera possesses extraordinary medical and cosmetic properties.

In particular, it has a regenerating, moisturizing effect on the skin,

aiding healing and calming inflammation: a soothing, refreshing balm.